Power supplies and ion detectors from L3Harris keep critical analytical instruments working precisely and reliably.

Whether you’re performing routine testing or conducting complex research and discovery programs, the ability to analyze, identify, and quantify chemical compounds is a fundamental requirement in today’s industrialized world. L3Harris provides the precise and reliable power supplies and ion detectors that are at the heart of critical analytical instrumentation commonly used in fields as diverse as biotechnology, materials science, healthcare, forensics, environmental sciences, and homeland security.

Since 1999, we’ve made Value-Based Lean Six Sigma an integral part of our continuous improvement process—a commitment that paid off when we slashed the manufacturing cycle time by 75% on one of our key product lines. Our team, including many long-term veterans of the power supply, ion detector, and mass spectrometry industries, represents an invaluable source of skill, intelligence, and experience that enables us to perform all design, manufacturing, and testing in our own high-technology, workflow-optimized facilities.

Power supplies for analytical instrumentation are also produced by Applied Kilovolts, Ltd., a L3Harris subsidiary based in West Sussex, United Kingdom.