Antennas provide the vital link that keeps platforms and systems connected and the mission on track. Harris offers a wide portfolio, providing customers thousands of distinct antenna apertures and functions to satisfy the needs for virtually any platform, from military and commercial aircraft, to ships and submarines, to ground vehicles and fixed site applications.

L3Harris has an extensive antenna portfolio suited to virtually any application and customer need. At least one L3Harris antenna is standard equipment on nearly every U.S. military aircraft flying today. L3Harris offers off-the-shelf as well as custom designed multi-band communication, navigation, satellite communications (SATCOM), electronic support measures, electronic warfare and telemetry antennas for any mission, including anti-jam global positioning system (GPS) navigation and launch range safety.

L3Harris has also invested extensively in antenna technologies driven by emerging trends and challenges customers face. L3Harris has specialized capabilities including next-generation millimeter wave antenna technology, advanced conformal antennas that are integrated with the host platform and multiple apertures integrated as interferometers to provide high accuracy direction finding solutions for a variety of electronic systems.