For 60 years, customers have turned to L3Harris capabilities in electronic warfare (EW) to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. We provide the knowledge, technology and techniques needed for mission success against threats across air, land and sea domains.

The electromagnetic spectrum pervades every aspect of the modern mission. There is no success on the ground, at sea, in the air or in space without winning the airwaves. Electronic warfare is employed in three ways: offensive, defensive and supportive measures. Having helped create and continuing to innovate strategic solutions the field of EW, no company better understands the complex substance and strategic importance of electromagnetic spectrum operations.

L3Harris technology provides our customers with a penetrating view of the threat landscape, protection against sophisticated, ever-changing and future threats and the ability to harness the spectrum for a persistent tactical advantage. From multi-spectral situational awareness and highly accurate threat warning to sensor fusion and countermeasures capabilities, L3Harris EW provides the critical edge that saves lives, protects equipment and enables mission success.