Harris’ environmental solutions are enabling faster, more accurate weather forecasting and regional climate monitoring.

Accurate data and weather forecasts play an important role in our every day lives—helping us schedule activities, safeguard property and resources and manage businesses and economies. Increasingly, the same is true for environmental monitoring, which enables us to plan for the long-term effects of greenhouse gases.

At Harris, we develop cutting-edge technology to help measure, understand and monitor real-time weather and long-term climate cycles to support decision making for governmental agencies, scientists, businesses and policy makers. Our scientists and engineers design creative technologies that capture, analyze, and visualize data from every altitude to improve understanding of weather and climate and enhance Earth observation.

In space, the world’s most advanced environmental satellite systems rely on Harris imagers and sounders to deliver environmental data back to Earth at unprecedented resolutions and speeds. On the ground, our weather ground systems, capable of handling multiple missions simultaneously across a common architecture, enable users to realize the full benefits of the new imaging technology. And our environmental monitoring instruments help provide a complete picture of carbon dioxide cycles and other greenhouse gases from space, air and ground.