Operations have become more complex for fighting forces, with a critical need to coordinate across a host of different platforms, sensors and systems. Harris partners with US and allied military forces to deliver battle management systems that integrate data from a variety of platforms and sensors, offering customers the tactical clarity and confidence essential to operational success.

Harris integrated battlefield management technology tackles our customers’ toughest command and control, communications and information management problems. A modular software approach delivers secure, reliable communications for network-centric operations at every tier.

For holistic battlefield management, Harris provides all the tools needed to support planning and execution of operations, including terrain analysis, route management and global distribution of tactical and operational information. Harris tactical battle management software and systems integration capabilities help military forces digitize their operations, providing a continuous, real-time platform for situational awareness and staff functions, including hostile and blue force tracking, radio communications, planning, personnel, intelligence, local weather and other data to provide an edge on the battlefield.