Reliable, always-on communications services are an absolute necessity in today's connected world. To meet this growing demand, Harris combines the best of satellite, wireless and terrestrial technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that keep clients’ remote sites connected to each other as well as to regional offices or distant headquarters.

Harris provides managed communications services across high performance networks to the maritime, energy and government sectors. Thanks to a robust global infrastructure, innovative technologies and industry-leading support, Harris produces greater operational efficiency, safety and security while keeping costs low.

A true pioneer in the telecommunications market, the company has consistently refined the very small aperture terminal (VSAT) solutions that it developed more than 35 years ago, a solution that conquers remote and harsh settings. Today’s operations depend on high-performance communications both around the clock and around the globe, whether they take place on a drilling rig hundreds of kilometers offshore, on a transoceanic vessel sailing to a new port of call, or at a corporate office located in a bustling metropolis. Customers with applications such as streaming video, crew infotainment, application hosting, remote monitoring, video conferencing, mobile gaming, video surveillance, corporate data exchange and telephony rely on our communications services.  

Harris CapRock Communications’ One Clear Path solution provides a robust global infrastructure that offers teleports on six continents, five 24/7 customer support centers, a local presence in 24 countries and hundreds of global field-service personnel. We actively support customer locations across North America, Central and South America, Europe, West Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.