From military sonar and acoustics to medical imaging, cancer therapy and energy harvesting, Harris designs piezoelectric ceramic shapes for a huge range of potential applications. Harris has more than 60 years of material science expertise in formulating high-performance piezoelectric ceramics, including lead zirconate titanate (PZT), lead titanate (PT) and lead magnesium niobate (PMN) materials for military and commercial customers.

With a highly specialized team, Harris produces the widest range of piezoelectric materials of any major U.S. manufacturer. Harris offers a broad range of uniform, fine grain, high density and high-performance piezoelectric ceramic powder formulations suited to an even broader range of uses.

These include transducers for military applications in the surface and undersea domains, as well as highly customized materials for medical devices that support imaging, wound care, drug delivery and cancer treatment, among others. By harvesting energy from vibration or pressure that would otherwise be wasted, Harris piezoelectric ceramics also help reduce dependence on batteries by providing power for wireless sensor networks, industrial transit and commercial automotive and aerospace applications. Harris works directly with customers to define and design customized solutions for specific challenges.