L3Harris leverages over five decades of space systems heritage to design and integrate agile, high-performance payloads that maximize mission performance. With payloads and electronics for small and lightweight satellites, L3Harris is also helping make access to satellite intelligence more affordable for businesses, governments and other organizations.

Small satellites, or smallsats, have the potential to increase the resiliency of government and commercial missions and enable affordable persistent coverage. L3Harris is at the forefront of smallsat technology, building on our space and intelligence systems heritage to develop end-to-end smallsat solutions that deliver real value to our mission partners while reducing costs and concept-to-development timelines.

Our turnkey services encompass:

  • Mission, bus and payload design
  • Production, integration and launch
  • Satellite command and control and other ground operations
  • Data processing and analytics


Over the past several years, L3Harris has been working to advance the capabilities of smallsats in order to deliver greater mission value to customers. For example:

  • Our sensor-optimized smallsat, HyperCube™, adapts proven hyperspectral technology into a 6U cubesat form factor, enabling affordable weather, water and environmental missions.
  • We developed a high compaction ratio mesh space reflector and feed antenna system for smallsats that achieves high communication data rates typically available only from systems on larger satellites.
  • L3Harris SpaceView™ imaging systems for smallsats include smaller, lightweight systems that are capable of capturing 1-meter resolution images.
  • We have adapted our proven reprogrammable multimission payload platform for larger space vehicles to smallsat applications, enabling smallsat missions to be reprogrammed while on orbit.

We can meet launch needs through L3Harris Spaceport Systems operations at Vandenberg Air Force Base, where we maintain a 100% commercially run satellite processing facility.

We command and control smallsat missions from L3Harris facilities, having drawn upon our experience in developing enterprise and mission ground systems for the GOES-R series of satellites and other sensor systems.

We are bringing L3Harris’ expertise in sensor data processing and advanced data analysis to our smallsat programs to turn data collected by smallsat constellations into actionable intelligence.


L3Harris designed, built, launched and operated HSAT, a 6U-sized cubesat, as an internal research and development initiative, with the goal of publicly demonstrating our capabilities to deliver smallsat missions and reduce risk for our customers planning smallsat missions. Click here to learn more.

Click here to see a video of the launch.

With a rich heritage in advanced space payloads, sensors, scalable ground and other technologies, L3Harris is uniquely positioned to successfully plan, develop and execute affordable, high-performance space missions for government and commercial customers using responsive satellite solutions.