Today's warfighters require immense quantities of data to accomplish their missions. Operating in harsh, bandwidth austere environments without a line-of-sight to base, conventional radios cannot cope with the enormous bandwidth required to transfer the high-resolution imagery and video that saturate the modern battlefield. L3Harris satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals deliver this capability securely and reliably to any platform, ensuring that warfighters stay connected, informed and protected.

The changing nature of military engagements can make communications difficult. Small, distributed forces, operating on rugged terrain beyond the horizon from the nearest base are faced with the need to communicate more data than ever. The modern warfighter, whether on the ground, at sea or in the air, is equipped with sensors gathering all kinds of data that common radio communications equipment does not have the bandwidth to handle.

To help U.S. and allied forces overcome this problem, L3Harris provides advanced SATCOM terminals that connect forces with communications satellites to deliver their data – and mission critical insights – not just over the horizon, but anywhere on Earth. From highly mobile, man-portable tactical terminals to strategic ground installations and shipboard receivers, L3Harris SATCOM has the warfighter and the globe, covered.